Thursday, 9 February 2012

Abseilling with group 4

Today group 4 went climbing and abseilling. When we arrived we were told that we would be climbing up a cliff face. Reina was a little bit worried at first but with some encouragement she pushed on and did really well getting to the top of the cliff. Ellie did really well too as it was hard sometimes for her to get her legs into the footholds but she showed determination and courage and scaled the cliff face. Adam got my award for good jokes and entertainment. At the bottom of the slope after we had abseilled Isla got the award for the funniest joke. Bea isn't in this picture because she was first up the cliff face and went so fast. She was nervous about the abseil but she did it with the instructor and we were so proud of her for facing her fears.

Mr McKenna


  1. Looks really exciting, Adam! And a bit scary. Look forward to hearing all about it when you come and stay next weekend. Also look forward to hearing your jokes!
    Enjoy the disco tonight and see you soon
    Kate x

  2. Well done group 4, I hope Mr McKenna was as brave as the rest of you. Good job stinkers!

  3. Super Group 4. Isla we want to hear that joke. Enjoy the disco.
    Love from Amelie and Grandma.

  4. It looks like all the Groups had a fantastic few days. Well done!
    Olivia O'Neill Palma's Granny