Monday, 27 February 2012

Canoeing by Mixie

Wow! What a great time! I just went canoeing with Super Steve (Steven) and the rest of the team, group 7! At first we had to carry the horribly heavy canoes down to the shore. Then Steven taught us how to paddle forwards, backwards, left and right. After that we had a paddle race to the bridge. While paddling (Eden doing most of the work) I looked down at the water and realized just how beautiful the lake was; unreal.

Suddenly I snapped out of my thoughts as Steven was shouting at us "hot chocolate!" At this everyone speeded up. After a rest and a drink we set off for an upturned boat which some people (Eden, Paul and Freya)wanted to stand on. Crazy, huh?

None of them ended up dry - apart from Paul. Well then Freya tried to get into our boat, but she landed on the edge and our boat capsized. As I fell into the water I realized that my trainers and waterproofs had holes in them... I desperately tried, clambering up the upturned boat but I soon fell back in. Steven, now more super than ever, pulled me up into his boat. And so we paddled back to shore.

On the way back on the minibus we started singing ... Hmmm, I don't think Steve liked that, well too bad for him, 'cause we didn't stop!'

When we got back to Benmore centre we took off our waterproofs, now full of water. I took my trainers off and walked around squelching in my socks to the drying room and then to my dorm. Finally I trudged down to tea and cake.
Canoeing at Benmore is wet - but it is definitely worth it! Go canoeing!!!!