Thursday, 9 February 2012

Evenings at Benmore

We are so well looked after by the fabulous Benmore cooks. Tea/juice and cake (huge iced birthday cake on Monday for Rosie and Eilidh) at 5pm warms us after activities then we have dinner at 6.15pm. Macaroni cheese, sweet and sour chicken and spaghetti bolognaise (with vegetarian options) have gone down a treat and the children are eating really well. Breakfast is cereal/porridge and toast with a cooked breakfast option each morning - bacon and scrambled eggs on Tuesday; sausage and beans on Wednesday. Delicious homemade soup and filled rolls, with biscuits and fresh fruit for lunch also keep everyone's energy levels topped up, necessary for being on the go from 8am till 9pm.

Each class meets for diary time between 7.15pm and 8pm, when our staff also man the shop. Ms French's class meet in the Field Studies Room where she has been able to use the computer there to blog and share your comments with pupils on the interactive whiteboard in that room. P6B meet in the Library and P6C meet in the Lecture Room for diaries but will get a chance to see the blog on Thursday on the big screen. Other posts have been made directly from our iPhones when we are out and about (for example strategically posted to check orienteers don't end up in Dunoon :-) - and can pick up a signal!

The instructors here have organised fantastic and fun evening activities for us between 8pm and 9pm. Monday was a hugely entertaining night walk in Activity Groups. Tuesday saw torches flashing in the grounds and much scurrying around the building on a Scavenger Hunt in self selected, mixed teams of 4-5. Wednesday night was Cluedo night, again in teams, finding clues in and around the building. Thursday night is disco night when we can all dance our remaining socks off. We can't wait until the children see the light show and smoke machine!

Ms Gallagher
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  1. Thanks for that - it's really nice hearing how the days are stuctured.