Monday, 27 February 2012

High ropes by Eimear

Today group 5 (the group that I'm in)are going on the high ropes course - yeah! It is going to be so much fun. First we need to get into our gear: helmet, check, harness, check. Let's go! To start with we had to go on the low ropes course first you had to work as a team and if someone fell off we all had to go back to the start. We fell off tonnes of times so it took us ages but eventually we finished the low ropes and got to go on the high ropes course.

On the high ropes course me and Eilidh did the trapeze. If you don't know what the trapeze is then I'll tell you, it is a massive pole with a platform on the top. You climb up the thin, tall pole and then you stand on the platform at the very top and then jump for a bar, it is hanging in the air in front of you and it is very scary. I got a bit scared at the top and slipped off on my bottom but that didn't stop Eilidh she made the leap of faith for the bar, unfortunately missing. Ms Swanson got an amazing photo of Eilidh in mid-air. Next I did the balancing beams. First you climb up this pole that looks like it has got giant staples sticking out of it so you climb up the staples and when you get up them there is a pole going across to another pole of staples. I walked across the beam with everyone else on the ground cheering me on. Once you walk across the beam there's another pole of staples and you can go up further if you want and you can go across another balancing beam but I didn't want to so I jumped off the balancing beam. It was really fun. Then I had to belay Catherine (her life was in my hands). While I was belaying Catherine, Kiarten started poking me with sticks. Suddenly my grip slipped and I let go of Catherine for a milli second but quickly got my grip again.

The high ropes course was definitely my favourite activity.Because it was so fun slipping off the trapeze Because you were so high up. At the start it is really scary but once you have finished you want to do it again. I would love to do the high ropes course again!

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