Monday, 27 February 2012

Glorious gorge walk by Sasha

What a great day! I'll start by desperately trying to walk up the wondrous waterfall with group 8. The coach (Thea) told us to keep hold of the ropes that she had placed around the gorge. I was third in line waiting and actually a bit scared although people in front of me were doing it with complete skill. What we had to do was keep hold of the rope, bounce three times then pull ourselves up while trying to keep hold of the rope and scramble up the waterfall. I succeeded on the first bit but failed miserably on climbing up the middle bit (which was so slippy). I felt as though I were soap trying to climb up a sink. When I finally got to the top I had to wait for other people to get up. Due to all the water in my boots (they were literally drowning in water) my boots were making an unsatisfying squelching noise.

After a while, we climbed up a bit more, to find a waterslide (not man-made) that looked amazing. I probably wouldn't have gone down it if I wasn't already soaking but I was so I did it. First we had to make a dam with people so that the pressure of the water pushed us down the waterslide. This worked until I slid into a deep puddle, all that you could see of me was my head, and as a consequence had to shuffle down the rest of the slide.

When I got out I was shivering all over. Although other people went twice, I didn't want to.

After everyone had gone down the slide and got completely drenched we had to go back to the coach and unluckily for us the way down was the slippiest, slidiest, muddy forest. We were basically surfing down the slope but with 10 times more falling. Roddy was falling the most which made the mud more smooth (which meant even more slippy).

When we finally made it to the bottom we had to wash ourselves in the gorge because we were so muddy.

In the coach it was overflowing with water from our boots. The gorge was so good I definitely want to do it again but for now ... so long.

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