Monday, 27 February 2012

Climbing and Abseiling by Joe

Today we went abseiling which everyone had said was really good.

The half pleasant bus journey to get there was about 10 minutes long.

As soon as we got there we could either do climbing or abseiling. I chose climbing. In addition I wanted to go first so I asked but so did Hamish and Murdo. But I went first anyway, well kind of, as the instructors had to demonstrate, they were quite bad.

Climbing was not easy apart from the last bit. Our instructor said, "we give them a harness to make them feel like they're safe!" I still hope I misheard her. Despite that I actually got up quite easily.

Eventually, after a long wait, my instructor, Iona, let me take my safety harness off.

Abseiling was fun however I was very slow and the atmosphere at the queue wasn't very good.

I was ok when I did it but starting off over the edge was scary!

After that we went to an indoor climbing centre. I was in a group with me, Murdo, Hamish and Ally. The first wall we had to climb was quite easy, although I struggled in the middle.

There was one more to do, the best bit of that was being let down on a rope.

Eventually we had to go and I came back to some ping pong, juice and cake.