Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gorge walking with group 3 by Hamish

Today we went on a cold but extremely fun day with group 2 at the gorge. All of the people in our group took a minibus to the activity. We slowly drove to the gorge and when we arrived began to walk up towards it through a graveyard.

It was so exciting as we walked up the hill. After a while we reached a sort of cave with a hole in the top of it. It had water going through it like crazy. Ewan our instructor, told us that it was called the 'keyhole'. Most of us went through the hole. It was really hard to get up the walls because they were really slippery also the water was really strong and as well as that it was so cold and a really narrow hole as well. However we got there in the end. We were asked to sit down at a straight bit in the gorge and here they set up some ropes connected to a big boulder. At the bottom there was a really deep hole full of water deeper than my head. How do I know this? I fell straight into it and the water was colder that a freezer and as a result I was shivering and really cold and wet.

After that some of the people went under the 'Rock of Africa' The rock itself is really big. Today the water level was really high and as a consequence it was really weird going under it because you can barely breathe and it is really dark and cold. When you get out it is all over for that challenge but you still need to go down a very slippy and muddy hill ...

One hour later I was all warm and clean and most of our dorm were singing 'disco, disco.'