Thursday, 9 February 2012

Group 7

Wow, what a fun afternoon I had with group 7. We went canoeing and went straight into competition mode with a race to the other side of the lake. Fedor, Freya and myself were determined to win. I cheered them on steering the canoe and guess what we came first. Eden and Ruka second and Mixie and Eilidh T a close third. Well done guys! Lewis and Paul started off slow but soon got the hang of the steering and got there. Super focus and determination, well done. Logan and Savanna were canoeing with Super Steve and he was impressed with their rowing skills.

After the hot chocolate we played canoe football, which was great. Again team Mrs Watson were determined to gain as many points as possible and get team Steve! Yes, we did it and it was a super feeling! The group were given the task of balancing on top of an upturned rowing boat. This was when the laughs really started - Fedor, Freya and Eden all falling in and entertaining everyone. What a super time I had with all of you! Thanks for making me have a great day out. Go team 7!!!!!!!!!

Love Mrs Watson X


  1. looks and sounds like you had a fantastic day. very wet and tired people, you will sleep well tonight. Enjoy the disco. Love Mixies mum

  2. Oh, Fedor!
    Are you going to dance in the same shoes tonight? Have fun, we miss you a lot. xxx

  3. Well done, the canoe race winners!
    Fedor's Dad