Monday, 27 February 2012

Amazing abseiling by Hannah

Wow! What an amazing time I had abseiling with my awesome team, group 2. We started off at the practise wall which I still found pretty scary! You had to lean back from this platform and start to walk back. I tried a small jump but didn't get very far.

Eventually everyone had had a go on the mini abseiling wall so we got onto the minibus. As we drove I looked out of the window and saw some amazing sights! There was a beautiful stream running right next to us with lots of massive trees surrounding it.

When we got there I got out of the minibus and got a big shock when I saw the cliff that we were going to be abseiling down. It was giant! Even though I was terrified I was determined to do it so I made myself abseil down the cliff second.

After a while we reached the top of the cliff.. Morna and Andy went down to a lower ledge and got all the ropes ready. At last it was time for us to start abseiling. Another boy, named Robert, was going first. He got all the ropes tied on and began to lean back from the ledge. Slowly he began to walk down the cliff.

Next it was my turn, carefully I began to walk down to the ledge and got all the ropes tied on then started to lean back and very nervously walk down. At one bit I got so scared that I thought that I couldn't go any further so I just stayed there a while until I found somewhere to put my feet but I slipped and crashed against the rock, I was ok so i just got up again and began to walk down again

About 5 minutes later I got to the bottom I was so releived that nothing had gone wrong. While I was waiting for everyone else to finish I threw some sticks for Thea's dogs (they were brought along by another group). After everyone had been we got back into the minibus and went back to the centre for a lovely lunch!

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