Monday, 27 February 2012

Caving with group 9 by Olivia

Wow! I am so tired after caving! It all began on the minibus when we suddenly stopped at Loch Eck and got off. Our instructors Graham and Brian told us we had to go up a very steep hill. There were two ways up, the easy way or the hard way. I took the challenging way, surprise. Soon we were at the top of the hill. Not long after we started to cave. The first cave was so dark and gloomy but I made it. At last came the really, really hard part. Next we had to go through the low, small, triangular-shaped tunnel as well as falling down a hole. It had been dug out by a school 20 years ago. I didn't do it although most of us did. I heard it was scary and that Matthew got his head stuck. Next you went to the easy cave and had to get into a harness so as to get lower down (4 metres by a rope). That part gave me butterflies! Our instructors told us we had to do this one on our own. Kirsty and Keir had to go as leaders. Finally we had seen light, and our instructors then helped us get out. I felt so relieved that I got out because I was really claustraphobic.

Sooner than the wink of an eye, we were back on the minibus and on our way back to the centre.

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