Monday, 27 February 2012

Climbing/Abseiling with group 4 by Adam

What a great day group 4 had climbing!!!!!!

As we stepped off the minibus we saw the huge, grey rockface; a 48 foot cliff that we would attempt to climb skyward then abseil to the ground. I couldn't wait!

So when we were all off the bus Kris showed us all how to put the rope on then gracefully as a swan he leapt and climbed up the rockface.A little while later Kris threw down the rope so that Fredi could attach himself to it. He next manoeuvred himself into position and began to climb. I began to take pictures of him climbing up. Next I was thrown the other rope so I was soon climbing. At some points I remember it was quite hard (at one point I was stuck for a minute or two but then I managed to get going again). After a while Joseph and Reina (pronounced Rain-a) climbed up and Kris holding the rope led us along the cliff to abseil down.

After a very quick walk along the cliff we saw some metal poles tied together with ropes that showed where we would abseil from. Meanwhile, Kris had headed out, attached the rope and was calling for the first person who we decided would be Fredi because he had been the first up. So round went Fredi, got the safety rope attached and was told to lean back and then head down. That was the last we saw of him ... until later!

It was my turn now, I headed round and got attached in and then Kris told me to, " Lean back, release the rope slowly, then walk back, releasing the rope as you go."

I began walking nervously down which felt peculiar but nice. A little way down it became harder as the cliff went inwards and I had to lower myself to almost vertical then continue my descent. As I approached the bottom Fredi said to try jumping down which to do you jumped of the cliff, let the rope go, grabbed it again and landed.

When I got down Fredi showed me how to get out of the harness and to then send the rope back up. We then told jokes until everyone was down before heading back to the bus. That was my favourite activity. It was fun, exciting and a bit scary but that was what made it great.