Monday, 27 February 2012

Awesome Orienteering - Alex H !!!!!

Wow what an outstanding day of orienteering for group 9. It was awesome! Orienteering was our first activity of the day and we were all very excited but very tired as well after the night activity the day before. Graham go us started by getting us to write down one sentence each of the key things involved in orienteering. After that Graham gave us a map of the field studies room which in random places had a cross (X). He asked us to go to the place that the cross was, then he would see if we were right. Everybody got it right, so we skipped the big, long talk and jumped straight into the first orienteering course which was around Benmore.

When I came back from the first orienteering course, I wasn't very impressed with my time, doing it in around 12 minutes. Esther though, did it in a very quick time of around 5 minutes winning the first round. The second round course was a lot a bigger and I mean a lot bigger, 5 kilometres to be precise. For the orienteering course, due to the size, we could go by ourselves or go in a team. Because I am a wimp, I went in a team with Keir from P6C and Kirsty from P6B. We were all super determined to win then suddenly Graham said for the first people to go.

Four minutes later it was our turn. We shot off like arrows fired from a bow. As a result the three amigos (our name) soon caught up with the others. About one minute later we overtook them.

Soon we were roaring ahead like a steam engine and so finished in the best time of 20 minutes, but then Graham said that for every one that we got wrong we got a minute added on to our time. Oh no, we had got two wrong so we actually did it in 22 minutes but it was still a very fun day and I would love to do it again!!!!!



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