Monday, 20 February 2012

Primary 6 make animated slideshows

We hope you enjoy some of the animated slideshows that we have made about our fun times at Benmore.

Fredi and Hamish have chosen a cool tune for theirs though I think that background might be a bit out of season!

Eilidh, Luci and Erin chose a fun background and tune for theirs; sharing the experiences of 3 different groups.

I'm not sure who this one belongs to. Let me know and I will edit this part of the post to give you credit!

I really like the title slides on this one. Good job Sam, Ahmed and Roddy!

Charlie and Alex Hamilton have chosen some good pictures for their Animoto.

Eden and Eimear chose a great background for their slideshow. Who took those great gorge photos?

Interesting pseudonyms from Sasha and Alex A. Thanks for sharing your production with us.

Bea and Amaya have chosen a happy tune and some great pictures. The background seems quite Christmasy though girls!

I love the background and the transitions slides on this one and the music is so upbeat but who is the cheeky boy sticking out his tongue in the photograph? Very enjoyable Adam and Lewis.

If your one isn't up please let me know. Some of them didn't have names on them.

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