Monday, 27 February 2012

Canoeing with group 7 by Paul

Today we went canoeing with group 7. It was amazing.

First of all we had to put our red waterproofs on and our buoyancy aids. I was looking forward to canoeing as I had never done anything like it before. However, I was a touch worried about the boats capsizing.

When we arrived we had to carry our Canadian canoes down to Loch Eck (we had to be careful not to drag them in case we damaged the bottom of the boat).

At the beginning we got off to a shaky start but when we got started we were actually quite good. Later on we played canoe football which my team lost.

At the other side of the Loch we found an upturned boat. Our instructor, Steve said, "who wants to stand on it?" Of course being me I did. You had to balance on the wobbly boat. I enjoyed it so much I roared like a foghorn, "come and get me off!" When the last person got off the upturned boat our boat flipped over and we splashed into the water. It was really difficult to scramble into the boat because it was wet and slippery and we had to get the water out of the boat first.

After that we had to return the boats back to where we had got them which was much harder than when we got them out because they were so wet and so were we!

On the way back to the centre we got a song started about needing a wee.

Back at the centre I started to think about Today Ahh what a brilliant day at Benmore. This was our last activity and so much fun. I would love to canoe again!

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  1. Paul, you could change the ending a bit so it's more interesting, but otherwise, you orientated the reader well and I would love to come canoeing sometime! This post has engoraged and inspired me! Well done!