Wednesday, 8 February 2012

High ropes with group 5

Group five chose the high ropes as their option this afternoon. First they did some training on the low ropes before moving onto the tightrope and the trapeze at a very high height. Everyone pushed themselves to the limit and tried new and exciting things. Check out these pictures. Eilidh C might be headed for the circus and Kjartan was crawling towards victory. Group 5 are: Hector, Kjartan, Jake, Ollie, Casey, Eilidh C, Daisy, Clare, Catherine and Eimear.

Miss Swanson


  1. Hope you are all having loads of fun
    from (catherines sister) sarah

  2. Pleased to hear the trip is opening up new career opportunities as well as being loads of fun !
    Gillian -Eilidh's mum

  3. Great to see what group 5 are up to! Sounds like so much fun. Big hello to Kjartan from Mum, Dad and little brother.