Thursday, 9 February 2012

Group 2

Having fun at the low ropes course.
Ms Christie
Group Two has been great fun all week. Morna is a fantastic instructor and it has been terrific to see our children bonding as teams, even though all the Activity Groups have pupils from each of the three classes. Many new friendships have been formed and existing ones strengthened. The low ropes course was a great way to round off the week and showed just how well the team has learned to co-operate. Morna played lots of games, first involving traversing in pairs and then with the entire group having to carry treasure without letting it fall into the custard ocean to be eaten by custard sharks. Ahmed and Amir were really good at helping each other to navigate the tyre swings. Sanaa hasn't stopped smiling all week! I started the week with this group on the Canadian canoes and it was lovely to end it with them too. Great company, Group Two - you can be very proud of all that you have achieved!
Ms Gallagher

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