Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gorge walking with group 1

I was so impressed with how well this group coped with the gorge walk and the cold! They were all much braver than me as most swam under the rock of Africa and went through the keyhole. Hannah looked the most wet at the end but she was game for anything as were Charlie and Rory, and I was really proud of Ben for conquering his fears. The intrepid group were: Rory, Brandon, Ben, Charlie, Thomas, Millie, Asiyah, Olive, Hannah and Rosie and I had such fun spening the afternoon with them as they looked after me and coaxed me up the gorge.

Well done guys.

Miss Gaffney


  1. Well done Ben you should be very proud of yourself. We are both very proud of you as well. We have been checking the blog more than 4 times a day and its great to hear what you have been up to it sounds like your having so much fun! Cant wait to hear all your stories on Friday. Mum Dad and Taffy.

  2. Salams Asiyah,

    Good to see you are enjoying yourself
    We are all missing you, the house is really quiet without you

    Mum, Dad and boys

  3. Hello to Group one and especially Millie. Looks like you're all having a great time. We hope you managed to keep both your shoes on Millie! It's good to see you're all looking after Miss Gaffney so well. We can't wait to hear more of your escapades over the next couple of days. Well done teachers for looking after everyone so well and also managing to find the time to take the pictures and do the blog. Have fun everyone,
    Love from Alison, Bill, Sean, Hammy and Sammy

  4. Well done everyone - you look like you are having a fantastic time! I wonder what your next adventure will be?

  5. Sounds good, but very cold! We're all missing you loads Hannah!
    Love from Calum, Mum and Dad