Monday, 27 February 2012

Gorge walking by Alex A

What an amazing day! Group 9 went for a wet but fun gorge walk. I started off by getting my waterproofs on and also a red and yellow helmet. Then about 15 minutes after that we got in the minibus. While I was waiting for the rest of the group to get ready I was playing football with Fredi. Then later on, when everyone else was ready, we got into the minibus.

It took about 20 minutes to get there but it was worth it. When we got out of the minibus we walking into a very big graveyard and about 5 minutes later we arrived at the gorge. Eventually we got into the gorge and began the climb. When we started to get higher and higher it got colder and wetter. After a while we got to about the middle and then we had to climb up a steep, rocky waterfall and we had to find lots of gaps in the wall to help us climb. There was also a rope for us to grab onto. I didn't use the rope but when I got near the top I slipped and banged my knee on a rock.

Soon we were near the top which was lots of fun as we had to go through the 'Keyhole'. I was the first person to go through and it was amazing! I was soaking wet. After it I could hardly wait to get back to the minibus because there was so much water in my boot. Then it got worse as we had to go under the 'Rock of Africa'. As a consequence of the gushing, freezing cold water, we were freezing, not nice at all but it was so much fun. That wasn't the only great part as on the way back we got to go down the muddiest, slidiest path in the world. I fell about 7 times. It was so much fun. when i got back it was the night of the disco so me and sam went back up to our dorm to get changed to go to the dinner hall pasta. And me sam and sasha put half a can of linx all over us.

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