Monday, 27 February 2012

Benmore 2012 - The Gorge Walk by Eden

When we were at Benmore me and the rest of group 7 went gorge walking or as someone had called it 'George walking'. Steven (our instructor) and Mrs French came with us.

The gorge was right next to a graveyard so we had to walk through it. We came to a little, burnt, white house and that's where Steven told us the safety rules: rule number one - no pushing, rule number - 2 no splashing then finally rule number 3 - don't cry! The people in my group are: Logan, Freya, Fedor, Paul, Lewis, Savannah, Eilidh T, Ruka, Mixie and me.

Steven was the first to step into the clear, glittering water but he was soon followed by Logan. As we followed through the silky water we came to a wall of mud which we had to climb. We eventually all got up but while we were waiting Logan almost fell in but, he grabbed my leg hoping that I would tumble in with him, however, Mixie grabbed me and pulled me up just in time. Me and Mixie said, "We will get our revenge," but all he said was, "no, no!"

Soon after that we climbed up a small waterfall gushing with the shimmering water and up we went. But when we got up we had realized that we had stepped into a deep pond with gallons of water pouring in. Next we came to the dreaded, "Balancing test!" If you fell in you got your face and head dunked into the freezing-cold water. First to fall in was Savanna but she didn't do the penalty. Second to fall in was ME but I did it! I did the penalty! BBBBRRRRRR, it was frighteningly freezing! Third to fall in was Eilidh T but she did it. Me and her stood there with our hair dripping wet.

Then it was up another waterfall to get our face painted. I became the Queen. After this came another waterfall but this waterfall was different; it had trees that had been thrown to the ground from the strong winds that flew through the air in January. So we went over and under then under and over them to discover the keyhole and the easy way up a log or up the difficult way through the keyhole. Four girls went up the keyhole and 0 boys! I was the first one to go up and get to the top. I went up with tonnes and tonnes of water gushing into my face but I was brave so made it.

We soon came to the Rock of Africa and up we went.The rock of Africa is a rock balancing on the two banks with water below it, some people went under it. Steven tied a rope for people that couldn't get up. Most of us didn't need a rope. When we got up it was sadly time to go but there was a great water slide - WHEEEEEEEEE, Splash, into the deep water! This only made the gorge walk even more fun.

Eventually it was over so down we went and I even went down the keyhole but sadly that was the end of a funtastic day.I wish it could of lasted longer.what a fantastic day the funny part was when we soaked the mini bus HA! HA! HA!

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  1. Eden ur post is awsome!
    Go group 7!