Monday, 27 February 2012

Awful abseiling at Benmore by Charlotte

Today I went abseiling. It was one of the worst things I have ever done (and I have done some horrible things I can tell you!) So when it was my turn I was absolutely terrified.

We had gone to a cliff where we were going to be doing the abseiling and it looked so big. Then later, when I had got to the ledge where Morna, our instructor, fastened the ropes onto me, I had to lower myself backwards onto the cliff (this was scary!)

Before I new it I was bouncing down the cliff, I got the most awful rope burn the world has ever known and one of my hands slipped; but I managed to stay on without falling. Finally when I got down I played with the other groups .

Next we went Orienteering.
We had to go in partners so I went with Josie (from6c)and we had to go around a course using a map and writing down random letters. In the end we found out that we had come 3rd. Then we went back for tea and cake.