Monday, 27 February 2012

Awesome abseiling by Mieke

On Tuesday morning all of the groups (I was in group 6) went to the common room. This was where our instructors were going to tell us where to meet so we could find out what our activities were for the day and what we would need to wear. We had to go to the field studies room and when we were there we were told to put on some very warm clothes for abseiling.

After a while we went to the minibus. Then Jo drove us down to the climbing wall where we practised climbing and abseiling. It was loads of fun. Once we had got the hang of it we got ready to go to the cliff.

We got on the minibus and before very long we had arrived. Andy one of the helpers chose 3 boys to take the path up the cliff while the rest of us got to climb up this rocky bit on the left hand side of the cliff. Erin went first with Jo, then Coll, then me, then the others. One after the other we abseiled down the cliff. When it was my turn I was quite scared but also very excited. The scariest bit was when I leaned off the edge. When I got to the bottom I was soooooooo soooo so so so happy and relieved.

Later on when everyone had abseiled we went back to the minibus. That day was the best day of my life.!!!!!!!!!

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