Monday, 27 February 2012

The great gorge walk by Aidan

Wow that was the best gorge walk ever! It all started in the 2012 Sciennes Primary 6s' 5 day trip to Benmore. It was a dry but not sunny day although not raining we were still soaked through. When we arrived we had no idea what we were doing because we had stopped at a graveyard??? Thea (our instructor) took group 8 to a small hut and around the side of the hut was a small staircase which led to the gorge.

After a while we came to part of the gorge where the water was very fast. Thea warned us that it could take our shoes off! Some people went the easy way (jumping over a small part of the gorge) others (me, Roddy, Sasha and Joe)took the challenging route we had to climb along a vertical wall but it did have lots of foot holds. After that there was a small rock that you had to jump on to then Thea tied a rope so that we could climb up a small but not too steep slope. When I got up I started to clap on the next person (Roddy). When Roddy was up he jumped in a very deep puddle which came up to his waist then I went in and also got very wet. While we were waiting for the last people Roddy slipped and ended up sitting in the puddle (HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!)

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  1. good blog short but has alot of info including me you managed to include pretty much everything also used good wow words weldone.