Thursday, 9 February 2012

Olive and Hannah Group One

Olive and Hannah practising their circus skills!
Ms Christie
What a wonderful end to an amazing week for Group One. Ben had been quite reluctant to scale any heights at the start of the week and on Thursday afternoon he truly impressed - us and himself - by his accomplishments on the High Ropes course. You're a star, Ben! Millie made a great attempt to catch the trapeze and flew through the air, giggling and laughing and really enjoying herself. She has been a delight all week. Brandon did fantastically well here, too, and gained tremendous confidence side stepping along the high beam. Olive and Hannah were so entertaining in their upside down gymnastics! Rory loved climbing and swinging on the ropes. Scrutz and Dave really enjoyed this group and were extremely proud of all that they achieved.
Ms Gallagher

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