Monday, 27 February 2012

Gorge walking by Ahmed

By now I am feeling tired after doing the wet gorge walk.

When my group got started it was 10:00am. We got our waterproofs, dressed and put many, many layers of clothes under them. If there was anything at Benmore annoying and fun all at the same time it would be the gorge walk. But most of all I'd like to tell you about the fun parts of it.

We entered the minibus, kept aside especially for the gorge so the other buses wouldn't get dirty. That was the beginning of my gorge walk adventure. I quickly got out of the minibus when we got there.The first thing I done was examine the area. What was lying over the hill, was where all the fun started

My group started talking, some about minibuses,some about school projects. Group 2 walked down through a graveyard then arrived at the gorge. They entered the gorge over a wall and I found it quite easy to balance on logs in adition to broken trees. Our first obstacle to get passed was a long tunnel. Hannah was the first of the group to fall in. She said that after a while the water warmed up in your boots. A bit after that everyone had reached the keyhole after choosing the best parts of the rock to climb on. All of us thought that we could manage the whole gorge but we only managed to get up to the keyhole, which was halfway up.

After we reached the keyhole we slid down a half of the gorge. It was so deep. Giving up, I just forgot all about it, stood in the water. Using ropes, we climbed up the side of the gorge into the forest. It was really quiet, the only sound that you could hear was birds singing. Never was I happy when my group were insulting me but the failed insults didn't work, they said things like, "we can't always help you, you have to sometimes do it on your own."

I was third after Sanna and Charlotte to climb down the rope. Tightly I held on and climbed down. It was pretty hard but eventually I began to get the hang of it. Then my group used a rope to slide down the mud into the gorge. This time I managed to annoy some of the group but not too much.

Quickly we entered our minibus and our instructor Morna told us to pull our red waterproof trousers down as they were very, very dirty. Arjun took his trousers down accidentally some of his other clothes too! Our group then went into the bus determined to get back and dry ourselves off.

Due to getting all my clothes wet at the gorge, I only had 5 dry pieces of clothing left. Nevertheless, I had a super time at the gorge.

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