Thursday, 9 February 2012

Activity groups and Cluedo

Some people asked in the comments about whether the activity groups stay the same. The answer to that question is yes. They also asked if the teachers move about and the answer to that is yes too. We are trying to get around as many groups as possible. As there are 9 it is not possible for us all to see all of them individually but there are 8 adults so between us we have been with all the groups a few times.

We are really enjoying watching them all have fun and seeing their big smiles as they do things some people have never done before and achieve things that at first some of them don't think are possible.

Last night the children played team Cluedo in the house and around the building. They had to work together in teams to find clues and to work out which instructor had carried out the 'murder' , with which piece of equipment that you might find out at Benmore and in which room. It was lots of fun.

There are a few bleary eyes this morning but they are wide awake now and performing their tidy up duties. There was lots of excited talk at the breakfast table this morning about the activities in the day ahead and about the disco tonight.
Ms French


  1. HEY everyone,

    Its Hafsa from p6c!! Hope your having fun, miss you lots wish i was there with you!!

  2. The blog is brilliant- thanks so much!
    Great to see you all enjoying your adventures.