Monday, 27 February 2012

Canoeing with group 7 by Lewis

Wow! What a spectacular afternoon canoeing with group 7; on the freezing cold waters of Loch Eck.

First we got on one of the Benmore minbuses (or as group 7 called it a Benmore roller coaster) and set out for Loch Eck.

When we got there, we next pushed our canoe out into the murky waters of the Loch then jumped on even though the canoes were quite far out. In addition to the canoe swaying violently as if trying to buck us off into the murderous depths of The Loch as soon as we jumped on, the wind was fiercely beating against the canoe like a hammer on a nail. Despite me and Pauls' desperate attempts to steer our canoe towards the others, we ended up going in circles! Eventually we got at least a few paces forward but started gently going round like a spinning top ... again!

As time went by we drifted helplessly to the other end of the beach which out of pure luck is where the rest of the gang had stopped to rest. My face felt like an ice cube so naturally I was glad for the hot chocolate, that Super Steve (our awesome instructor) gave us.

Even though Paul and me had just got there we just had to set sail yet again, this time with Super Steve. As we got the hang of rowing our canoe again we became faster (mainly because of Steve).

After a while we came across an upturned boat. Steve said we could get on and dance so Paul being Paul immediately jumped on and attempted the can can (LOL). Eden and Mixie were the first to catch up with us. Little did I know their boat had capsized, I thought they had just jumped in so I asked Steve if I could do the same. He laughed and said I could so when we got to waist height I jumped in and started to swim (it felt like I was walking in the North Pole with nothing but my pants on).

Finally I climbed back into the canoe and made my way back to the bus for some well deserved free time !!!!