Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gorge walking with group 7

This group is definitely the group that is up for challenges. I was treated to yet more singing on the minibus. We scrambled up the gorge and whenever Steven asked us who wanted to go the hard way or wanted a challenge the whole group were cheering. Eden and Eilidh get the 'good sports prize' for putting their heads in the water as a forfeit. I don't think any other group has asked to slide down the waterfall into a freezing cold pool of water, for a second time. This group are definitely a lot of fun. The crazy crew are: Paul, Lewis, Fedor, Logan, Eden, Mixie, Ruka, Savanna, Eilidh T and Freya. What a great time they had! Ms French


  1. Well done Eilidh! Good for you being a 'good sport'! We are all missing you, Zach is counting the days until Friday! Lots of love from us all - Mum, Robyn and Zach xxx

  2. We are so glad that Fedor is a part of this "crazy" group. What a surprise!