Monday, 27 February 2012

Immense abseiling by Luci

"Wow," said me and group 2, "look at this enormous cliff." I couldn't believe I was going to be abseiling down this. Me and group 2 were facing a 48 foot cliff after practicing a small abseiling at the centre

"Who is next?" asked our instructor.

I very nervously stepped forward, I was absolutely terrified but I knew that I would enjoy it. It began at the top of the cliff where I was really cold and scared so cold I was shivering.

Eventually I put my harness on. I already had my helmet on and had put my gloves in my pocket incase I let go of the rope too quickly and fell. My harness was now on and everything was ready. I slowly leant backwards; it was quite terrifying.

Before very long I had my feet level with my body so I was ready to start walking down. I thought I was going fairly slowly although I was catching up with Hannah who was quite far away from me when I started.

After a while I was in the middle of the cliff where there was a massive dent in the rock. I got really quite scared again. Despite being scared I kept going. Hannah was just below me when she slipped and fell face falling into the cliff. She had lost her balance because the dent was quite big but she got straight back up and kept going. She got to the bottom very quickly after that so I was on the cliff on my own. The dent was quite terrifying . I kept going but in order not to fall into the rock like Hannah I had to keep letting go of the rope. I did get to a bit where I stopped and I could just not go any further. I shouted up "help, I'm stuck, I can't go any further!" I was panicking.

"Yes you can, keep going!" shouted my instructor encouragingly.

"I can't I'm going to fall!" I cried.

"It's alright, keep going Luci!" shouted Hannah so I kept going however my tummy was flipping over and over again and again. I was really scared and felt like I was almost falling but I slowly edged my way down and got over the big dent bit.

Finally I got to the bottom of the cliff having had a thrilling adventure and, despite my fears, having enjoyed abseiling so much. I took off my harness and let my instructor pull it back up the cliff for the next person to use.

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