Monday, 27 February 2012

Climbing and abseiling by Amir

First group 2 took the bus to get to the mountain to go climbing and abseiling. When we stepped outside it was amazing but extremely frightening at the same time. We started off with abseiling while group 8 did the climbing.

It was really scary abseiling at first because we sort of had to let ourselves fall onto the cliff. It was a lot easier than it looked. At one point the cliff went in and you had to jump but in the end we did it! with a little help from the people below

Straight after we did the climbing. It was sooooo cold (i couldn't move my fingers) but really fun. It was the perfect place as there was loads of arm holds and leg holds. At one point I had to use the rope to pull myself up the natrual cliff. When I got up I started to walk down the hill.When we got down the hill we were allowed to talk to the other group (group 8)and we got to play with Thea's lively dogs .

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