Thursday, 9 February 2012

Forest walk with group 5

Group 5 left the centre for their forest walk singing happily. They were put into pairs and each pair had to follow the map and lead for a section. They were leading like army sergeants, commanding everyone into line in a rather humorous fashion. Hector and Jake were particularly good at getting order. I did not realise how many verses of 'The wheels of the bus' there are though.

As we got up the hill, into the forest, many of the gang wanted to go under a tunnel. Daisy wanted to go the opposite way to everyone just for variety. Kjartan carried a rather large branch around for quite a bit of the walk that resembled a small tree. At one point we saw the roots of a fallen tree which Ollie reckoned would be good for sleeping under if they were ever to get lost in the forest (I wasn't so sure as there were a lot of rocks which might have made for an uncomfortable night).

Later, when we stopped at a small house/bothy, they all began to face paint each other with lovely orange mud. Thank you to Catherine for making sure I looked 'lovely'. Casey, Eimear and Eilidh resembled oompa loompas after their efforts and Clare had an interesting look. They all wanted to make a fire and didn't seem too put off by the fact that it was raining and the sticks were wet; needless to say we have left that for another occasion.

Ms French


  1. Just to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff for giving our children such a wonderful experience at school camp.This is what they will remember when they think back on their time at Sciennes and what memories they will have!You have enriched their childhoods.
    Gillian -Eilidh's mum

  2. Big sticks, silly songs, some wanting to strike off on their own, mud masks, sounds a great walk and a great little gang! A Sing song? In Ollie's group? Ollie's big brother and his mum weren't surprised to here that!