Monday, 27 February 2012

Group 4 Gorge Walking by Fredi

As group 4 got off the minibus to go to the gorge I could sense I wouldn't come back dry. The air was as cold as the water as we started to cross the gorge. I stepped in a puddle after about 2 minutes and freezing water poured into my wellies... It got a lot worse.

Later on (after we had gone under a few very annoying branches) we were to go through the 'Keyhole'.This is a hole in the rock with tremendously cold water pouring through it, you had to squeeze yourself through it to get to the top. A lot of people found this very tricky including Gresz because he fell down. Luckily we had helmets on and waterproofs which didn't really help against the cold but made you feel protected. Finally we climbed a gigantic rock with a rope and there before us was the glorious 'Rock of Africa'. Then we realized the water level was too high so we couldn't go under it, "Due to the weather," as our instructor Chris said.

But that's when the fierce cold started making you feel like you had frostbite. But once again Group 4 showed their true courage as we slid down bumpy rocks just to land in a worryingly cold pool of water. It was an unforgettable experience of fun and adventure.

On the way back to the minibus, I could still hear the gorge in the distance but above all, I could hear group 4 singing 'Three little angels' and 'Three blind jellyfish' (which Ms French had taught us). And by the time we were back we were just in time for lunch!

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  1. wow fredward! what a gr8 blog!!!!!
    gorge walking was fun, mmmm