Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Biking Bonanza

Group 9 were out on a cycle ride this morning. The intrepid crew: Sam, Alex A, Alex H, Keir, Matthew, Eilidh, Olivia, Kirsty, Esther and Mairi were taken out for a cycle through the forest. The weather was gorgeous and the cycle incorportated a number of skills including a slow race where we had to balance on the bike and be the last to get over the line (won by Keir and Kirsty); cycling on forest paths and over tiny wooden planks; splashing through puddles and going down steep hills. Much fun was had and we are about to eat our lunch. I wonder if you can spot who is who with all our lovely yellow jackets on. Ms French

It was really good fun going through the puddles and getting wet and mucky. Eilidh

We had lots of fun, did a lot of laughing and we got very wet. Esther

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