Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Climbing and Abseiling with Group One

On Tuesday afternoon Rory, Ben, Brandon, Charlie, Thomas, Millie, Asiyah, Olive, Hannah U and Rosie tackled the quarry, with instructors Scrutz, Dave and Gill, climbing up and then abseiling back down. We joined Group Seven, so had six instructors in total, making sure everyone had lots of turns without having to wait too long. Ms Christie scaled the dizzy heights with ease as did Charlie, Rory, Rosie and Millie. Olive was very flexible and poised and Hannah, Thomas and Asiyah also climbed confidently. Ben prefers climbing to abseiling and Brandon was a little nervous but proud when he reached the top. Savannah got a bit stuck halfway but continued up, with the instructors' advice on where to place her feet, and was very pleased with her accomplishments.
It was great to spend time with group 7 again, too. Eden is fantastic at climbing and abseiling and Mixie overcame any worries to abseil with ease. We are delighted with how well the groups are co-operating and socialising.
Ms Gallagher
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  1. Rory, I see you have not inherited your Dad's fear of heights! Well done to you. Brandon, and the whole group.
    Love Mum x

  2. This is such a nice blog to read. It is so brilliant to hear far more detail and descriptions of ALL the children's reactions/feelings/thoughts expressed at the time. Very nicely and vividly given to the anxious reader hoping to hear more and wishing to see and get close to what their child is experiencing!!!
    It was most pleasant to read even though my child is not in this group! Other teacher's please do similiar blog...
    Just a bit about each member of group.Thank you for this communication.