Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Climbing and abseiling

Group 6 have been out and about today, climbing and abseiling. It was challenging and fun. I think you can tell from their happy faces that a great time was had by all. Everyone braved the big abseil and they worked really well as a team to help each other up and down the cliff. Miss Gaffney was on hand to offer her good advice from the bottom too!

Ms Gaffney


  1. Looks like you're having a great time. Missing you loads Jack!

  2. That looks really cool! We'll be off to Ratho next!
    Elsie says 'love to Mieke' from elsie
    Sid says 'I want to go to Benmore'

  3. Looking good Coll! Very quiet here without you. x

  4. Is that you on the photo, sasha? We think we've found you...It looks amazing. We are missing you. It's very quiet here...!
    Love Mum and Dad, Lucy, Liza

  5. You wouldn't catch your Mum doing that!

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