Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gorge walking

What a super morning I had with group 4. The sun was shining, we were smiling and eagerly anticipating the wild gorge of Benmore. It was slippery, wet and got wetter as we managed to climb up the steep gorge, trying as hard as possible not to fall in the rocky pools. The intrepid gang; Grzes, Fredi, Adam, Jospeh B, Isla, Olivia, Bea, Ellie, Katie and Reina, exceeded expectations and amazed me. What a crew!

Mrs Watson


  1. I did the gorge walk a few years ago, it was brilliant. Well done Group 4 and how come Ellie looks so clean in the picture? :-)

  2. Hello Group 4 - This looks like brilliant fun. I can see that Isla was maybe enjoying the mud a bit too much! Excellent for the skin apparently. Well done to you all and please look after Mrs Watson. Keep up the good spirits. Love and hugs to you all. Den