Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Abseiling at Benmore !

Abseiling at Benmore !

Later after breakfast group six went Abseiling. First we went to Benmores’ Abseiling centre and practise climbing and Abseiling so that we could see what we will be doing on the real Abseiling challenge. After a while we were put into pairs and we all did a challenge were the girls were up agent the boys, we had to climb sideways along the climbing walls and see who was first to touch the big pink rock. In the end the girls won because I was the first one to touch the big pink rock and after that I was really proud because I’ve never done Abseiling. Before very long we where in the mini van heading towards the Abseiling rock, when we got there everyone was gob smacked at it’s stupendous size. Andy one of the instructors who came to help asked if he could have three people to come and Abseil first. Everyone put their hand up however he picked Jude Jack and Eyvindur and the others did climbing first and then we would swap around afterwards. After a while of waiting it was my go to climb up the rock I got really muddy because I used my knees quite a lot . As I was climbing I got really quite scared despite the fact that I was on a rope luckily I had really nice team mates and they were encouraging me to go on and not to give up so I took there advice and carried on .

Due to the encouragement of my team mates I got to the top and then it was my go for abseiling, when I was getting ready with all the equipment I stared to shake because I am really scared of heights although I had my team mates to help me I still just shook. Andy was helping me a lot so I thought to myself and I decided to have a go .As I was going down miss Gaffney was taking photos of us and that made me feel really really pound of myself . After that everyone had had a go so we headed back to the house and before we knew it we were all in our comfy clothing in the dinner hall having a scrumptious slice of cake and a cup of juice after our long day.

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