Tuesday, 13 March 2012

High Ropes by Olive

Massive, gigantic, huge, tall those are all words to describe the high ropes course and of course awesome!
Best course I’ve ever been on and it’s the first;
If you go to Benmore and you like heights do the high ropes coarse it rules.

Traipsing with Hannah, hanging upside down holding on to Hannah swinging upside- down well it doesn’t get much better than that, well not for me. Before all the swinging, fun, excitement, thrills and of course catching the trapeze we had to be safe so we had to get our harnesses on and attached to a rope well you probably knew that if not you know now. When Hannah and I were about to catch the trapeze I got a little nervous so Hannah and me counted to three then we caught the trapeze, never have I felt so proud despite the grey weather the fun kept coming our way.

At the end of two solid hours of enjoyment we went back to the house and had a lovely slice of birthday cake later we all packed are bags and all got ready for the disco ahead.

Here’s one little tip
(Whatever you do though don’t walk around on a peace of slippy wood without a harness believe me you will get a sore butt.)

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