Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Carnivorous Caves

Today Group 4 and I went down to the caves.We had to take a minibus to get there. Instead of the minibus taking us directly to the caves as we excepted.The minibus stopped at the slope of a hill.Reluctantly we clambered up.

After a quite exhausting climb and mistaking dark holes for caves.We stood at the mouth of the cave...Next everyone fastened their harness and had a drink of hot chocolate preparing themselves for the caves. Being lowered in the dense darkness of the vast cave was a unnerving but awesome at the same time.

Everyone at the bottom in the darkness, beginning a bit worried because our instructor Chris hadn't gone down yet.And we thought he had ditched us.Hearing Chris's Voice coming from the exit.We followed It throughout the cave.It was cool in the caves although I was happy to see day-light.Sadly we didn't have enough time to do the second cave.Even so I was glad at the prospect of lunch.

It was by far my favourite activity


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