Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Today at 9 00am me and my group went orienting with our instructor into a small room called a lecture room with a ping pong table and a pool table. My instructor told us how to use a map although I already knew how to use one. When we finished talking in the lecture room we went on a small orienting course, it was called a lollipop orienteering course. It was extremely tiring because we had to go on about… 10 trips to far away markers. Me and Murdo came 2nd Mim and Elena came 1st. Afterwards we set off on a proper orienteering course of 11 markers. It was soggy and cold and we had to go through muddy puddles though after all that effort we came first with a whopping time of 23 minutes. Unfortunately we got the last one wrong twice and on the third time we got it right, third time lucky and finished feeling happy and exhausted!

by Murdo and Alastair

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