Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Night Walk by Amaya

Today we went on the night walk. It was going to be so fun, they told us about it in the common room. They said we were not allowed head torches because it would ruin our night eyes and they told us to put our waterproofs on and to wrap up warm.

When we were outside it was pitch back but our eyes soon got used to it. We had to get in lines so that we did not get lost. By the time we got to the first course I was very cold and very excited.

When group 2 was called out to start we had to pick a leader. Although I wanted to be a leader I let someone else have a go and they let me go second in the line so I was pleased. Eventually they told us to hold onto a small piece of rope that we had to follow along. The instructors said that the only way we would be able to do it was by using teamwork, so basically you had to pass a message back along the line.

When they had finished explaining we got started. First we walked through a sort of gorge and my boot almost got stuck in it. Next we had to climb over a stream but not fall in, it was too hard so I just walked over it and got my feet soaking. Soon we came to a very steep hill and it was very hard to climb up but then we reached the end of the first course. Now we were on the second course and it was my turn to be leader, I have to say it is very, very hard. If you are at the front you get all the branches in your face, get your feet wet and fall over tree roots while telling the people behind you what to look out for.

When we reached the finish I was battered and bruised all over but I had so much fun. After everybody was finished we started to walk up the hill. At the top one of the instructors showed us the stars and we saw one of the planets - Jupiter. Eventually we started to walk down the hill. I walked down the hill with Charlotte and we started the most strange conversation, it was about haggises and what they might be doing if they were at Benmore.

We pictured them jumping about in the grass. We finally got back to the centre and I was so tired. When I got up into my dorm I wanted to fall asleep with my wet waterproofs on, but when I did go to my bed I could not get to sleep however Hannah soon sorted that by saying a rhyme that made me sleepy.

That was the best day ever I thought to myself and then I fell asleep.

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