Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Canoeing with Group 7 by Fedor Gorobets

As G7 stepped of the minibus with excitement with Mrs Watson we all got into a small hut to get are canoes and boyouncy aids. As we all heaved them onto the sand we got onto them. I think my canoe probably made the best team. Me at the front of it as captain, Freya in the middle helping with powering the boat and Mrs Watson at the back to steer. We all played Canoe Football(All you have to do is hit an enemy's boat or canoers). After that we had a race to the nearby bridge, at first Stevie and his lot were way in front. My team was last but when Louis(AKA Hulk) and Paul got stuck and couldn't reverse Stevie's canoe were forced to rescue them. Then a split-second and are canoe EXPLODED in front. Obviously we won. After we had hot chocolate on the shore we all played Canoe Football again. Team Watson won the game 14-10. As we were going back to the minibus we saw a capsized boat(don't worry, it was near the shore). As we canoed to it Freya clambered onto it. Seeming like fun I decided to join her. As I got on it the canoe went away the capsized boat started turning. As I didn't want to get wet I did a kamikaze jump onto my canoe to escape danger. Sadly Freya wasn't so lucky. Then Eden decided to jump in the sub-zero water. As she was getting out she lost one of her trainers so Steve had to get it with his paddle. Well all's well that ends well.


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