Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gorge Walking

Despite the cold conditions group three still went gorge walking. Considering
the amount of clothing we were wearing you would think that we would
not get wet, well we did.

Before long we were all in the gorge getting absolutely saturated. The gorge was called the sleepy Elephant because when you got in the gorge there was a tree that looked like a sleepy elephant.

The first obstacle that we had to do was a fairly easy balance beam (a log). No one (well I think know one) fell or slipped in the cold water. Although the water would be cold in the Keyhole everyone was excited to see it. Alistair went first, everyone cheering him on however when he got out there was a big cheer.

After that I went, and pulled myself up, the cold water going in my face and saw Alistair there. We were both sitting down in water and we saw Murdo pop his head out the Keyhole.
When we were all out of the keyhole we started to make our way to the rock of Africa.
Despite the freezing temperatures we started to clamber up a stream using a rope.

Finally we are at the rock of Africa,shivering as we wait for our turn.The
water level is quite high but we can still do it. Before long it is my turn.The water was stone cold and I was completley saturated.

After a while we are back at the Benmore centre eating scrumptious tea and cake.

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