Tuesday, 13 March 2012

kjartan climing and abseiling

Hi, today group five went abseiling. This is us getting kitted out I’m the one with their boots over their head. Having decided that we were ready we got into the minibus. Before long we arrived at the climbing centre. Loud music was playing, and we played a climbing version of musical chairs, Hector won.
After that we did some climbing on the walls I think I did pretty well at climbing. Before long we were back in the minibus driving to the abseiling rock. Soon after we stopped to an ominous rock before us I think we were all feeling butterflies.
We walked up a steep path to get to the top it looked even higher from there. Soon it was my turn. Angela our instructor fitted a harness onto me and I took my first jump. Before long I was down. Once everybody had finished we clambered back into the minibus.
Back at centre we got our helmets of and went into the dining hall for tea and cake.

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