Tuesday, 6 March 2012

gorge walking with group 4 Reina by P6C

The first activity we did on Tuesday was gorge walking, everyone in my group was looking forward to it and so was I . After a while we set of to the gorge, it was at a grave yard. Then behind the trees, I saw the vast waterfall with the water racing down the rocks it felt atmospheric . As I walked towards the waterfall the water was roaring with anger, it was magnificent. All of a sudden Kris told us to jump across the rocks, then we had to climb a cliff to get to the key hole, the first person to get up was Freddi, he got up really quickly, then after Adam, it was my turn! I could not climb up it at all so SPLASH I fell in the cold freezing water I was drenched, but then we slid down the water fall - that was epic, I had A GREAT DAY. TBC...


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