Tuesday, 13 March 2012

High/Low ropes!

Despite my fear of heights and that my group (5) spent ages on the low ropes, which insured we had practically no time on the high ropes. It was a blast and everyone was so excited thrilled after the High ropes.

Low ropes: Never the less the low rope was enjoyable and was more about problem solving. I figured out the first task, which was quite easy. You had to imagine a boat was sinking slowly into the deep depths of the murky water. Everybody apart from the lightest person had to stand on a wooden plank. The lightest person had to leap onto the lifeboats (plank of wood) using a rope.

After that everyone got round the low ropes practicing skills for the high ropes. I thought it was fairly good but if you do it try and get round the low ropes really speedily or it gets boring.

High ropes: Firstly Ollie and me went to the trapeze I went up singing the Great escape theme tune. When I got to the top it felt sooo wobbly. When I jumped I chickened out as well as Eimer and Clare who slipped of(I just clung on to my rope).


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