Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ropes Course with Group 1

Today me and my group went on the ropes course. We did not need to take the mini bus because the course was just a minutes walk there. When we got there we put our harnesses on. I had a special small harnesss because I am so small. First we went on the low ropes which I was not very good at, I kept falling off. Next we had to get onto pairs but me, Rosie and Asiyah went together. Our challenge was to go around the course without falling off but I failed epicly but Rosie and Asiyah did much much better than me. After a while on the low ropes we decided to go on the high ropes. So we went over and Scrutts explained what we had to do and on the courses. It took me a while to decided what to do and then in the end I did the catwalk course. On the catwalk course you had to walk up some giant staples well they were not really staples but the looked like them. You then walked on a long wooden pole (though I was a bit scared I was going to fall off). Once I had walked over it I then went back the way into the middle and jumped off which was really fun! After the catwalk I did the trapeze. In the trapeze you had to climb up some big wooden blocks and then you would reach a platform, you then had to jump to catch a bar, though I just missed; I felt a bit embarrassed that everyone caught the bar apart from me! So then I came back down and had some hot chocolate (which warmed me up!). There was also another course called the postman's walk  but I did not have time to go on that one. Unfortunately the weather was not the best for us though despite the miserable weather we all had a great time!!!!!!!

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