Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gorge Walking by Kirsty

Gorge walking
Even though it was very windy, I went gorge walking with my group of 10.IT took us 10 minutes to get there in the minibus, next to a graveyard .(That we had to walk through to get to the gorge).We had to climb down to get in it .
At the start were told not to get to wet because you would be cold all the way through to the end so we tried to stay as try as we could for the start, until we got to the keyhole. Even though it was very cold some people still managed to do it. After that we had the rock of Africa to face , but to are disappointment when we got there our instructor said some people where to cold so we were not allowed to do it . There was one thing to look forward to was tea and cake back at the house.

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