Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cycling at Benmore by Bea

Today at Benmore our group got to go biking. First of all we went to the bike shed to get our bikes and gear but I got to ride on a tandem with our instructor Chris. Then we started off down the road until we reached some enormous puddles. We just rode through them and so my back got really wet. The puddles were on a big track which we called 'Puddle Lane' which had a fast flowing river beside it. It was also very bumpy on the track. At one point we went down a steep hill and we went really fast and it was very exciting. Later on we rode past the low ropes and the high ropes where group 5 and group 3 were having an adventure. Never have I seen something so adventurous as when Eilidh jumped from a high platform to grab the trapeze. At the end we went back to the bike sheds and put our equipment away. I then went to my dorm to get dry clothes on. I'd really enjoyed my day biking. It was marvellous and I had lots of fun.

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