Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Caving with Group 9 by Eilidh Cline

Caving was epic! First of all we had to put our waterproofs on and get a helmet fitted. Hastily we hopped on the mini-bus and Graham (our instructor) started to start and stop the bus, afterwards I felt a bit sick. Once we arrived I jumped out the bus and started to clamber up the hill. After what I thought was forever we finally got to the top! Unfortunately there was another group doing caves at the same time, so my group had to go and do the harder cave first.

First we crawled into the cave, over rocks and then up a hole. Up the hole was a chamber and we turned off our head-torches, but unfortunately someone turned theirs on. Behind us there was this tight tunnel which you had to wriggle through. There were two ways to get out through the tunnel, one way was to lie on your side and go down a hole and then, pop, your out! The second way was to go past the hole, go over a spiky rock, then go through a puddle, finally, you're out. Scared I was going to get stuck I went the first way.

After everyone got out, we ventured over to the second cave. Brian (our other instructor) put harnesses on us, because guess what, we had to be lowered down on a rope, maybe 7 meters. Swiftly everyone was down and Kirsty and Keir lead the way because we had to choose two people to get us out the cave, so no one else knew the way out except them. Finally we got to the end and had to grab a rope and then climb a ladder. Slowly but noisily we all wandered down the hill. At the bottom we washed our waterproofs in the lake, jumped on the mini-bus and went back to the centre.

Everyone had a great time and Mr McKenna came with us and he had an fun experience. I would love to go caving again.

By Eilidh Cline

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