Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gorge Walking

When group 3's instructors, Euan and Iona,said the magic words "we're going Gorge Walkin this afternoon guys" everyone went wild!I don't know how our poor instructors managed to quieten us down!

First of all we had to go to our trustworhthy dorms to put on at least 4 layers on (5 including our wet,muddy waterproofs that we were given at the beginning of the week) to go on the minibus and start our unforgettable adventure.

Before we reached the gorge we had to walk through a peaceful graveyard not too near the centre but not too far away either. The whole situation made me feel a bit disrespectful because instead of going round the graves that were still there since 1902 we went over the the graves without any second thoughts.Anyway,my uncomfortable feeling was soon forgotten, for we had reached the gorge and the sound of fresh gushing water and the thought that I would soon be splashing in that water brought back the excitement to my bones.

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